New Years resolution!

2017 was the year that I…..
…traveled more!
…went to several concerts.
…bought a piano and took piano lessons!
…bought a record player.
…did some redecorations in my apartment.

The wish list is long. The only obstacle is myself.

I’ve never really made New Years resolutions, and it’s more of a promise to myself to do more of what pops up in my head.

Stop dreaming, start doing!

Sometimes when we experience specific situations in life it reminds us to live life to the fullest. My mind is very creative at the moment, and I love it!

What I want to accomplish today is not necessarily what I get done tomorrow, but I like to have things planned, to look forward to, but you never know what tomorrow brings and I’m exited to see how 2017 will be.


Go download the #beenapp like I did, and see where it takes you. Or just to see how great a percentage of the world you’ve already explored.

A better place…

Today I said goodbye to my grandmother! 92 years old. Such a strong and independent woman, she is a great inspiration to me: Always see the good in people and any situation, not to fear anything, and to keep a positive mind.

I love her with all my heart, but I know that this was the best thing that could happen – for her to have peace. She is in a better place and it warms my heart to think of the fact that she will be reunited with her husband and sister.

The ceremony was really pretty and a lot of people, who have taken part of her life, shoved up. The priest made such a beautiful speech. It was the perfect ending!


I will never forget you!

It’s on!

Three weeks in, everything seems fun and interesting at my new job! It  began with two VERY hard first weeks, where I had to pass an exam in unlisted shares, structured bonds, alternative investment funds and future contracts. Especially the last one I had a really hard time with and I had to do the exam twice on that one, but now it’s over and I’m doing what I’m supposed to do – working with my own clients. Being an investment banker, #Yay!

I have always wanted to find out what I am supposed “do with my life”, what I’m supposed to do as a living, and this could be it.  It’s been a bit random since the beginning of my working career: I started my aducation kind of “by accident” because a friends of mine was studying the same thing, wanting to become a real estate agent. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I wanted to do something, not just be wasting time. First I thought I was going to become a real estate agent too, but then I realized that I didn’t want to become dependent on working on the weekends, because I ‘m a family-person. Well….I haven’t got that family yet. Everything at a time. Now it’s this!

I don’t know yet, but this could be it! I’m just getting started, but I really like it, and I am looking forward to what the future brings. One step at a time.


You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great! #DreamBIG


I did it!

I did say yes to the job, which means….that I will be starting 1 month from now – whaaat? The first couple of days, after I took the job, I was still a bit in doubt – Did I make the right decision? But whenever I got to tell my friends, colleagues and my boss about it, I felt some kind of relief and then I finally began to feel exited about my new job, VERY exited.

It’s like an investment, I am investing in myself.

It’s a whole different job compared to what I do today, and I actually have to pass an exam to keep the job. If I don’t pass it, I don’t have a job. WTF! But I will spend the first 2 weeks concentrating on the exam and studying to get ready for it.

As I said earlier; personal development is very important to me and this is definitely going to be a challenge. A hard one, but a good one.

Some of my future colleagues have already written emails to me saying “welcome” etc., and they all seem to be very sweet and forthcoming, offering their help to get me through the tests. That is a good start. Other than that, I already seem to get a long very well with my future boss. That is a very good start. I am really looking forward to this new job, this new beginning. It’s a whole new place, a new city, new people. The future is so uncertain right now, kind of, but I like it. I love it!

I knew 2016 would be a year of change, I just knew it. Cheers to another new beginning!


Do it right or Do it, right?

I’m about to make a very important decision, but what is “the right decision?” How do people know when it’s the right decision? I’ve never been good at making decisions in general, and this is a very good example of that!

I like my job, but I’ve been put to a lot of stress lately, about the last 6 months, and I’m at a point where I almost can’t take anymore.

When people began to contact me about jobs in other companies that’s when I started to think of my options and rethink the alternatives to what I’m doing today. I’ve known for a very long time that, at some point, I wanted to go further work wise, but not that I would have to make a decision about it already! Now I’m facing a job offer, at the same company where I work, but in another branch, and I have to give my answer tomorrow. Fuck!

The thing that holds me back the most is some of the people I work with, I don’t want to be without them, but at the same time I know that we won’t be together forever – work wise! If we mean so much to each other, we will be together – in life. I’m also sad to loose my customers, because I have some really good relations with some of them, but in the very end, I don’t think they care that much anyway!

It’s different from what I do today, but it is (almost) the job, which I thought would be my next move, if and when I was to go further “up” in the company. Maybe this is the right time. Right decision? Right time? Right timing? We have way to many options in life today. How do we decide what to do with our lives? I guess it’s all about taking chances and just see what happens.

I always talk about personal development as being a very important thing to me, so maybe it’s a ongoing thing for me and maybe I just have to take the opportunities that is right in front of me.


Well, I’m afraid I already made the decision when I wrote “I like my job”.

Stop dreaming, start doing!

Making af big life change can be pretty scary, but what’s even scarier is regret.

I took my education accidently, because one of my girlfriends was taking the same education. It sounded like a good idea and by then, I didn’t know what to do with my life, but I knew for sure, that I needed to do something. I finished the education, and then another one. During the second one I got an internship in a company, where I still work. I have a good job, slightly above average, I guess, but I’ve never really been completely happy about it. I’ve been happy, but I still feel like I don’t belong in the job. Like something is missing or not as it’s supposed to be. I think I’m good at my job, but the past year or so I’ve been unhappy. I’m of the belief that “you need to do somthing about it, if you’re not happy” and “you’re the only one who can do something about it, if you’re not happy”. Now I’ve come to that point where I need to do something about it. Life is too short to be unhappy, when you get up and go to work. I like my boss and my colleagues, but I just feel like “this is not me”.

I want to be an entrepreneur! According to google, an entrepreneur is “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in hope of profit”.Billede 2

For many years I’ve wanted to “do something by myself”, “create my own business”, but I’ve never known “what”. I still don’t know “what”, but I will definitely never know, if I don’t work on it. Now I’ve started to work on it, I guess that’s a beginning. I started by getting this domain and today I actually signed up for three free courses the Copenhagen municipality offers citizens. That’s just great! I have a great feeling and it’s so good to be started. I have a whole new and good energy.

Now I just hope that they will accept my registration, so I can join those courses and get more of a feeling where I’m going, what I need to do and how I need to do it. I don’t know what direction I am going, and I don’t know if I will ever know. I hope at some point it will all make sense, but only time will show.

Wish me luck!

The beginning….

There is a beginning to everything.

Today I created a blog, so I guess this is the day, I became a blogger. This is something I have considered doing for a very long time; Creating a blog, and start sharing all my thoughts, experiences, emotions, whatever pops into my head. Something I would normally write on my computer as my diary. It helps me a lot to get my feelings and emotions down in writing. I helps me handle life, which can be tough sometimes. I’m a girl in my late twenties, turning 29 within the next month, one of those regular single girls trying to “make it” in life.  We all have an idea about how life is supposed to turn out, I guess it’s something we bring with us from home, depending on how one defines “home”.  This whole “idea” of how it’s supposed to be is what ruins us, it doesn’t let us live life and just let it turn out….randomly. Well, I guess my blog will be a lot of writing about my life, trying to do the best that I can, to become the person I want to be, to be successful and to find a man!

Please bear with me, I’m new at this.